About Me

My name (when I’m gaming) is Phish (and frankly, when am I not gaming?) In game, my main is a Mage (naturally). I've been playing since late BC, after foolishly following the advice of a friend to join. Currently, I raid with a great 10man group on Aerie Peak EU, only one night a week, due to time constraints (sad face). Other than that, I have a variety of alts, at various levels (and way too many heirlooms, thanks to blizzards 'raiders must run heroics and get useless justice points). I play all 3 specs, mostly PVE, although I always have a fire spec (that tree has held my heart since I started). I occasionally dabble in the odd random BG, and love running around TB in PVE gear setting noobs on fire (especially warlocks, who are, of course, all noobs, since they chose to play a warlock over a mage). During my free time, you’ll find me reading, or on the internet (cracked has a remarkable capacity to EAT time, it still catches me by surprise sometimes).