Monday, 12 September 2011

Coming Soon

Good news everyone! (insert Futurama Professor Voice). As of Last week My Guild has Alysrazor down (quite a slog that one, hardest of the first 5 bosses), so I'll throw a guide up on that, and Ryolith, over the course of the next week, and Majordomo should be up by next week Monday (fingers crossed). After that, I'll be taking a segway, and take a look at each of our 3 specs in turn, both for levelling, PVE and PVP (I have yet to decide on a format for these, and whether I’m breaking up the posts by topic, I'll have to see where we go). I'm anticipating Ragnaros will take a week or two to get down, but I should have him up here by the start of October. Where we go from there I have yet to decide. I'll be throwing up Heroic guides as we take them down, and I have some other material in the pipeline, but nothing else concrete yet, so we have that surprise to look forward to.

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